Etsy front page

My Mark Twain sheepskin journal made the front page today.

in the news...

Here is the article about my bookbinding home business which ran in the Dec. 16 edition of The Advance - I made sure I gave Trans Canada Etsy Team a plug. I tried to also get Bookbinding Esty Street Team in there, but they left it out as it was less 'local'. (click for larger readable view)



And here's the article as it appears on the online version of The Advance at

things to come

I got a phone call from the paper this afternoon…apparently they want to do a story on me and my li’l business. Neato. They must be pretty hard pressed for copy. Heh! You can be sure that my family will buy up every edition, but I just may be able to salvage a copy for myself to get it scanned and posted here when it hits the stands. Who was it that said a little shameless self promotion is good for the bones? …no one? Oh well. They should have said it. ;)

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Right Out Loud, to share 7 random facts about myself:

1. I spent most of my childhood up in a tree with my nose in a book.
2. I’m *extremely* introverted (even though I fool most people that I meet).
3. I cringe at needles going into skin, and yet could watch a corpse being dissected without wincing.
4. I will rarely exit from a zoo or animal shelter with dry eyes.
5. I’m anal-retentive about almost everything.
6. I have always wanted to sing in a twee band.
7. I don’t like chocolate.

I won't bother tagging others so that whoever wants to, can take part. :)