Martha, Martha, Martha!

All of my custom orders are special to me.

But I have to admit that I was especially excited when I recently received a custom order from none other than the Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine in New York! *gasp!*

They ordered one of my 9"x12" Book of Memories in black leather. It shipped today.

The editorial coordinator (the one who I'm in contact with) said the article will most likely run some time next year. She will keep me posted and will be sending me a magazine when it comes out! How thrilling!

front page

I'm sorry I've been a bit remiss with my posting lately. It's been rather hectic so it's difficult to keep on top of 'virtual' things when I'm busy with the tangible. I can't complain though. I must say I enjoy 'busy'.

And a little hooray today, as my handbound William Blake leather journal with mother-of-pearl shell closure made it to the first page of Etsy this afternoon. I was with good company, as it was a lovely collection. :) I especially *heart* those eco-chic ballet flats!