Seaside Craft Market 2013

The Seaside Craft Market went well over the weekend, but not nearly as well as last year's. Everyone was talking about the reduced attendance - about half as many people as last year. There were other events going on in our community this time around, on the same weekend, which probably explains why. Also the weather was much nicer this year than last year; I mean, who wants to be inside on a nice day, right?

We enjoyed Sunday a bit more than Saturday, mainly because it was much cooler (less humid), but also because it was slightly busier for us on Sunday, compared to Saturday.

All in all, it was a great show. So many awesome local artists!

Annual Seaside Craft Show

I'm really looking forward to being a part of the 20th Annual Seaside Craft Show this weekend (Sat 10-4, Sun 11-4) in Beach Meadows. Last year's show was wonderful, and this year looks to be just as great! 

This year, I'm excited that my friend Amanda of Little Scamp's Made by Hand Gifts will be there exhibiting her amazingly intricate handmade fishing flies, duct tape wallets and jewelry. Also, my brother-in-law Jason, owner/operator of Earthstone Engravers, will be there with his beautiful handcrafted stone products.

Come enjoy the local crafts, the yummy foodies, and find a treasure for yourself or a friend. There's something for everyone! 

For more info, go to

(My online shop will be closed during the weekend.)

New Shop & New Journal

Things have been hopping here. Besides binding, and preparing for an upcoming craftshow, I've been busily setting up my storefront over at Storenvy. I've finally completed it. Also, my domain is now referring visitors directly to my shop there. While I still have my Etsy shop open, I am gradually going to be phasing things out there, as I want my Storenvy shop to take center stage. Please take a peek and tell me what you think! :-)

I've also created a new journal, with "green thumbs" in mind. It's my Gardener's Journal - a terrific place to record gardening triumphs and occasional setbacks. Perfect for the gardener in your life! I'm really happy with it, as it was inspired by my dear friends who love to dig in the earth.