Tuesday newsies

I forgot to mention that I was interviewed a little while back, on the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team (BEST) blog. It was a while back, but if you wanted to take a peek, the interview is here.

I was asked by Jan at Poppytalk Handmade to apply for School Days! A Back-to-School Market, which will be running Aug. 11 - Sept. 5! Well I did and my application was accepted! It will be my first time on Poppytalk and I'm very excited about it.

snagged my first Etsy Treasury

Woohoo! :) I've finally snagged my very first Treasury on Etsy. I've entitled it Ooh la la - a certain "je ne sais quois". Click for a larger view of these lovlies!


An interview with La Paperie & Cozy is now being featured at The IN Crowd. The INCrowd is Etsy.com's Indiana Street Team, and they feature shops in the US and in the world on a weekly or monthly basis. Thanks for the interview, Carolynn! :)

I need closure!

So...here's another new closure I came up with today. :)
It's a pretty silvertone leaf-and-vine toggle clasp. I like it. I can't seem to stop trying new things lately. But change is good, right?

Alrighty. More wholesale orders and custom orders to fill ...gotta scoot!

“What would I do with a journal?”

If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard this, when the topic of journaling comes up, I’d be a millionaire. I’m sure of it. (Coming in second is: “I don’t have the time.”) Why do people write in journals? Does it require an inflated ego? Hours of time? In my humble opinion, NAY!

One can take great joy in writing about the “everyday”…little things that can make life special. Even if you’re just recording day to day events, what you ate for lunch, what movie you saw, what book you read – looking back on it, can be a very enjoyable experience! And it only takes a few minutes a day. I’m particularly referring to tangible journals, bound books that you record your thoughts and life events in, but I guess one could also apply it to blogs as well.

I view it as mental/creative “exercising”. You make a bit of time for physical activity…so why not mental activity -- creativity? The power of creativity is monumental! Yet, creativity is by no means limited to artists. It is something that all of us can draw upon to refresh, invigorate ourselves and express our deepest thoughts. Not only that but creativity reinforces essential connections between brain cells, including those responsible for memory. In other words, it's what keeps us sharp!

So do you have a blank book lying around? Don’t know what to do with it? Well here are some ideas!

daily diary – Chronicle daily thoughts and events; they’re such fun to look back on. Things may seem boring and uninteresting now, but it’s neat to look back on what you’ve written in a few years time to see how much has changed (and how much as stayed the same). Keep it in your purse or bookbag to jot down things as the inspiration moves you.

photo journal – Paste in photos that inspire you and/or are important to you, and write about them.

book log – Write about the books you’re reading; discuss plot lines, characters. Praise the good reads and have fun throwing figurative tomatoes at the literary catastrophes!

recipe book – A place to keep treasured foodie goodness, for generations to come

friend journal – Have a far away sweetheart, friend or loved one? Why not add your notes to each other to a journal instead of on a piece of paper, and send it to your friend...have them fill out their pages, and send it back...and do so continuously until the book is completed. By the time you’re finished, you have a lovely bound collection of your correspondence with each other. (I wish I would have thought of this when hubby and I were dating, long distance!)

guestbook – A book where friends/family write their name along with some fun notes about their time visiting with you; or of course a wedding guestbook too!

sketchbook – Self explanatory, I should think. :) A lot of folks are into the “sketch a day” routine; a journal is a great place for that!

travel journal – Whether it be a short jaunt, day trip, or world excursion, write about it and include photos, ticket stubs, maps, etc....you’ll cherish the memories and experience for years to come!

fitness journal – Whether your training for the next marathon, charting weight loss and exercise, or keeping a food log, this is a great way to keep on track and chart your progress!

wine journal – What vintage? Was it a good year? Red, white, rose? Desert wine? What was it best paired with? Write it all down in your wine journal!

bird watcher journal – What sort of bird was that?

poetry book – A place to collect poems you enjoy, or write your own.

taking notes – Meetings, conventions, or kept in your case/purse to jot down just about anything

dream diary – To be kept on your nightstand as a place to track your ‘interesting’ dreams!

other ideas – film/movie log, pregnancy journal, small scrapbook, calligraphy book, ship’s log

"I'd like to thank..."

Woohoo! I made the front page of Esty this afternoon! I think I did once before, but this time I actually saw it. :)

etsy front page

My blog has been honoured with an award:Astrid, the talented and creative blogger (Germany), kindly bestowed the premio arte y pico upon me. This premio was initiated by Eseya from Uruguay with the aim of honouring arts and creativity in the internet world. As always, these awards come with certain criteria:

1. Pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contribute to the blogger community, no matter what language.
2. Each award should have the name of the author with a link to their blog.
3. Award winners should post the award with the name and link to the blog of the person who gave them the award.
4. Please include a link to the “Arte Y Pico” blog so that everyone will know where the award came from.

I pass the award on to these well deserving folks:

Lilli - Bookbabie

Jennifer - Jeng Shop Blog

Mel - Aria Images

Kaija - paperiarre

Jen Worden - Mixed Media Artist

the biiiiig book

Here are photos of that enormous book I finished last week for a custom order. It's one of the biggest books I've ever made thus far!!! It turned out really nice, although my arms are quite tired! :)

It's hard to judge the size of this thing by the photos, but if you take a look at one of the pics below, you'll see a side-by-side comparison with a standard-sized journal that I normally make...it's literally dwarfed by this bubba book!

12" x 12" x 2" thick
400 pages 50 lb. drawing paper
heavy duty antiqued old-world leather