I need closure!

So...here's another new closure I came up with today. :)
It's a pretty silvertone leaf-and-vine toggle clasp. I like it. I can't seem to stop trying new things lately. But change is good, right?

Alrighty. More wholesale orders and custom orders to fill ...gotta scoot!


  1. Beautiful closure, you've just given me an idea for some art deco belt buckles I've got squirreled away...

  2. Thanks Carol. :)
    I can't wait to see what you do with those buckles!

  3. LOVE that clasp!!! where on earth did you find it?

  4. Thanks so much, Maiko! Actually on Etsy, under 'supplies'. I was looking for some large toggle clasps and I was fortunate enough to come across this one. :) Woohoo!