important shipping info

As of June 15, Canada Post has locked out its workers after unresolved talks and rotating strikes. Mail delivery has come to a  completely halt, nation-wide. Therefore, no mail can be delivered or received. Unfortunately items already in transit will most likely be delayed.

Feel free to continue shopping and I will hold onto your order until the postal strike has been resolved.

If you need your journal shipped immediately, I can give you a quote via FedEx shipping. The shipping costs with FedEx will be higher, unfortunately, however its services will remain unaffected by the CanadaPost strike.

new quote journals & features

Here we are in the middle of June already - summer will soon 'officially' be upon us! The month is flying by VERY quickly. So far it's remained chilly and rainy for the most part, but one cannot lose hope of a nice hot, sunny summer. While things have been busy at the bindery, it's difficult not to be distracted by singing birds, thoughts of camping trips, BBQ's with friends and family, and long days at the beach. :) 

To ring in the quickly-approaching summer, I've introduced two new quote journals to my inspiring from Pablo Picasso and the other, Emily Brontë. In the Picasso quote journal, I used one of my favourite photos of the artist, and in the Brontë journal, I featured one of my own photographs taken at beautiful Brier Island, here in Nova Scotia. (NOTE: Remember that any journal in my shop is available as a non-quote journal, should you prefer the title page to be blank. Simply request this at check-out.)

Also, I am now offering a new customization for journals - for an additional charge of $8, you can have a pocket added to the inside back cover of any journal in my shop or custom-made journal. These pockets are handy for holding small paper ephemera such as ticket stubs, clippings, small photos, business cards, etc.

The pocket will be securely stitched (saddle stitch) to the inside back cover of your journal. If possible, the pocket's leather will coordinate with the leather used in your journal's cover. If not available in a coordinating colour, a similar or complementary colour will be chosen. The size of the pocket will depend on the size of the journal. For instance if you are purchasing a 5½" x 4¼" journal, the pocket will be sized to fit the back cover; if a larger journal is purchased the pocket will be re-sized accordingly.

See the "Add Pocket" listing in my shop for more details.

update on the postal strike...

The postal strike here in Canada is a rotating strike, targeting mostly larger cities, and therefore only affects one area at a time, for 24-48 hours at the most, at this time.

So for the time being, I will carry on shipment as usual via Canada Post's service, not FedEx. If there are any delays they will only be a day or two. I may still have to reapply the FedEx shipping rates, it if the strike comes to our area. We will see. But for now, it's shipping as usual. :)

Thanks for your patience, folks!

You can keep updated on the areas the strike is affecting here at:

Postal Strikes! Yikes...

The Canadian Postal Worker’s Union is threatening to go on strike tonight at 11:59 pm EST. The reality of it actually happening is setting in now. There is a chance the strike is imminent, and there is a chance it’s not. We’ll see what pans out. Either way, I’ve put Plan “Alternative Shipping” into motion. My alternative shipping mode will be FedEx, as it is not affiliated with CanadaPost.

How does this affect you, dear customer?

If you’ve recently made an order and your package has already been sent out...
I am very sorry to say that there is a good chance that it could be delayed.

If you place an order, as of today...
Your item has a FedEx shipping rate included with it. Unfortunately it will be more expensive than previous modes of shipping.

If you live outside of the USA or Canada and wish to order a journal...
Shipping with FedEx will be ridiculously expensive, and the best thing to do would be to wait until the strike is over to place an order, or place your order and I will hold it until the strike is over and ship it to you at that time.

Also, for the time being, I am temporarily un-listing my cameos and greeting cards in my shop, since they are small items and the cost to ship them via FedEx is just too ridiculous.

Custom journals will still be accepted. I can either wait to ship them out as soon as the coast is clear, or ship them via FedEx. The choice is yours.

Thank you all so very much for your patience! Hopefully this will all blow over soon!