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I dusted off a small ambition last week. Drawing. It’s been a while since I indulged in it. In fact, it is something I allow to rusticate until it awakens, with a start. And then I just have to indulge it.

A few simple sketches...two of the Jane Austen persuasion, and one of a another favorite…tea. I decided to put them on some greeting cards that I am now offering in my Etsy shop.

Interview -- PhotograBee

Shop Name: PhotograBee

We would love to know a bit more about the woman behind PhotograBee (name, age, background, etc.):

I'm the 'Bee' in PhotograBee. :) I'm 33 years old and have lived in Western North Carolina almost all my life. I was an art major in college and worked for about six years as a graphic designer. I've enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember, but it was during a photography class in college that I realized how much I truly love it. I feel at home behind a camera lens. Some day I'd like to have my own darkroom -- I loved developing my own prints. Now I'm an assistant librarian, which helps me perpetuate another passion of mine: books!

Tell us a bit about your business and how you got started: I've been thinking about selling prints of my photographs on Etsy for about a year now. I've been an Etsy buyer (and big fan) for about two years, but felt nervous to take the plunge and become a seller. I'm still very new, but excited to share items I love with others.

Apart from photography, what are your other interests? I love books, music, being outdoors, cooking, sewing, camping, mountain biking, and being with people I love.

What inspires you? Everything! Seriously. I find inspiration in pretty much everything around me, from the tiniest intangible quality to more overtly obvious things. I'm drawn heavily to nature and people in my photography. I am happiest outdoors and few things are as thrilling to me as catching the perfect scene with my camera. People and faces utterly fascinate me and are probably my favorite subject -- again, I see beauty in all and I love bringing it out on film. So far I only photograph friends & family, so there's a very personal joy for me in capturing the expressions and faces that are beautiful to me.

Is there a certain piece of yours that is your favourite, or epitomizes everything you love about what you do? I have to say one of my own favorites is 'the road less traveled'. It epitomizes qualities I love: quiet, countryside, peace, and a touch of melancholy with an air of mystery. Capturing it made my day -- I can clearly recall this.

How do you promote your work? At this point, word of mouth.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
a quilt sewn by my great-grandmother

Name your top 5 books, movies, songs/musical groups, and websites:

Books: 'Jane Eyre', 'Persuasion', 'Pride & Prejudice', 'Anne of Green Gables', and 'Enchanted April'. (I could spend hours listing other favorites too, though)
Movies: 'A Room With a View', 'Pride and Prejudice' (A&E), 'North and South' (A&E), 'Moonstruck', 'Enchanted April'.
Musical Groups: Iron and Wine, Bruce Springsteen, M. Ward, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell (again, I could go on). Websites: Etsy, Goodreads, Amazon, Flickr, Facebook.

Name 5 Etsy shops that are your personal favourites? This is so hard to narrow down! Besides La Paperie & Cozy, which is a clear favorite, five others among many that I love would be: Cottage In The Sun -- her wall art created from salvaged tin ceiling tiles are whimsical and lovely, plus a unique way to preserve those beautiful old tiles. The June Bride makes reclaimed wool brooches that always put a smile on my face -- they're my favorite mix of beauty plus reworking something that might otherwise go to waste. Heather Berry's gorgeous handmade jewelry is definitely my cup of tea. Brookish has some 'Pride and Prejudice'-inspired items that I just adore. Finally, The Daily Pincushion creates vibrant little pincushions that are almost too pretty to use.

What do you like about Etsy? I love the sense of community engendered by Etsy, and I've always been a big fan of supporting artisans and 'the little guy', so it's refreshing to have such an abundant forum in which to do so. The only negative thing is the effect Etsy has on my budget! How can I resist such great things?

Any special offers to buyers? Since I'm new to Etsy, I'm offering a 'buy one, get one free' special to my first five customers, as well as free shipping within the U.S

seeing red

Thank you to Elle for featuring my red suede "Shakespeare in Love" journal on her lovely blog.

You can see it here.

A "Back to School" Market

Come visit my table' at the Poppytalk Handmade "Back to School" Market (Aug. 17 - Sept. 18)



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