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Featured Seller Name: Sharon Scotton
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cloche1.jpgWe would love to know a bit more about the woman behind Cobby&Fribble (name, age, background, etc.):
My name is Sharon Scotton and I am 33 -- er, 34 years old. I'm the wife of a very sweet man who taught himself to knit to prove to me that it was easy and the mother of two very artistic daughters that blow me away with their charming wit. I was born and grew up in a very small Nebraska town, the youngest of five. I am currently a busy housewife, spending my days chasing my 11 month old nephew around the house and unraveling yarn. I have three fat cats and a penchant for old movies and period films. I try to laugh at most things as I can usually find a bright side to every situation. I am an avid problem-solver, an emotional non-eater, a winter fan, and lover of Italian food. I am usually a very quiet individual, most gladly forfeiting the spotlight for those who are better suited for it. And I love cheese.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you got started:
Well, I'm still getting started really. :-) Growing up I was always creating things and have always enjoyed trying new ideas. I remember flipping through my dad's sketches after he passed away and realizing the talent he had that had gone to waste because he died so young. I wondered if I had any of that talent and vowed that if I did, I wasn't going to waste it. I am so similar to him in that he always tried new things, from remodeling our house to playing the guitar to making intricate belt rings out of scrap silver. On the other hand also, my Grandma Lela (my mom's mom) crocheted and quilted. I grew up admiring the enormous - and I mean HUGE! - afghans she'd make and the intricate doilies she had everywhere. So drawing, painting, crocheting, sewing, crafting in all sorts -- it was always a part of me and my life. I always did these things. One day I wondered if there could be a market in it, crafting these things that other people admired but maybe didn't have time to make themselves. Now I'm looking into beauty products because I have always had a passion for make-up and feeling pretty but have found myself greatly dissatisfied with, if not a little leery of, what's on the market today. I'm jumping up eager to get started on that aspect of my business. So I still have a way to go in finding my niche but I'm getting there.

What is the meaning behind your business name?
I am a fool for a thesaurus. I basically wanted my business to say "home & fashion" but how dull is that? So I looked both words up and found cobby, another word meaning home and fribble, which basically means a well-dressed person. The double b's appealed to me and I thought it had a nice ring to it. It also brought to mind teapots and doilies which are two of my favorite things.

Apart from your craft, what are your other interests?
I have so many interests. I love to cook and read. I love music, period films and photography. I adore art of any kind, just looking at it makes me all fuzzy inside. I also enjoy planning luxurious vacations I will never take, graphic arts, and blogging.

What inspires you?
I am completely inspired by emotion. That sounds crazy but I am inspired when I see something or hear something and it makes me feel a certain way. That's why I can never settle to one or two styles or projects because one day I am inspired to feel urban and chic and my projects lean in that direction. Three hours later I'm wearing a high-collared blouse and have my hair in ringlets. Okay, that's a rather scary exaggeration but you get my point. I can look at the same thing twice and get a totally different feeling and/or idea each time. Also what others feel inspires me. I think emotion is basically what any inspiration boils down too anyway but in the case of my ideas and projects it makes for a shaky middle ground.

Is there a certain piece of yours that is your favourite, or epitomizes everything you love about what you do?
I would have to say that at this point it's my signature cloche and that's because it resembles the split personality I sometimes think I have. *lol* It is my favorite in that there's a period romanticism about it that makes you feel like you're just stepping out for an evening stroll in the English countryside; there's also a great urban feel to it where it looks great with jeans and you just feel pretty in it. I adore anything that makes me feel pretty (regardless of how I look.) The idea that I can make something that insights those feelings in another person is wonderful.

How do you promote your work?
Currently through etsy and word of mouth. I have a blog I keep to try to give some background into my raging thoughts and endless projects. Once I get a bit more settled with my new bath essentials line I will do more cold-calling and craft shows locally.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
That would most assuredly be my queen size appliqu├ęd "Sun Bonnet Sue" quilt that my Grandma Lela made me when I was fifteen. It's a reminder to me that talent is nothing without loving what you do. That makes all the difference.

Name your top 5 books, movies, songs/musical groups, and websites:
Books: The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan; Sophie & the Rising Sun - Augusta Trobaugh; Our Mutual Friend - Charles Dickens; Wishes - Jude Devereaux; An Episode of Sparrows - Rumer Godden (from when I was a kid)
Movies: Pride & Prejudice; Barefoot in the Park; The Good 'Ol Summertime; Better Off Dead; The Goodbye Girl
Song/Musical Groups: "Silver Springs"- Fleetwood Mac; "A Little Luck" Paul McCartney & Wings; "All That I Want" the Weepies; "Mary Jane's Last Dance" Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; "Mama I'm Coming Home" Ozzy Osbourne
Websites: for all my news; Etsy (I love browsing); (because everything is there!); Treehugger (I adore all the homemade this and that); & *lol*

Name a couple of your favourite Etsy shops, and why they’re your favourites?
Urban Heirlooms - I think it is the coolest, most original idea to use skeleton keys in this way. Such a unique idea and every piece looks like a million bucks.
Aria Images - I was completely bowled over by the beauty of her photos. Such light and detail and really raw emotion that you can just feel through the photo. Amazing.
Adventures of Jessica Rose Cashmere - I am just on awe.

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  1. To let everyone know, the Bath Essentials products have all just been posted at my etsy shop. :)

  2. Looks great Sharon!

  3. GREAT interview. It was so nice learning about Shar. And so sweet to see what she wrote about my shop! :) Thanks!!

  4. You're most welcome Mel. 'Tis the truth. :)