new books and a feature

How is everyone? Autumn is upon us. We're back from our long autumn camping trip which we really enjoyed and now it's back to work again.'

First off I just found out my Jane Eyre handbound leather journal is being featured on BronteBlog in their merchandise section. How neat is that!

Things here are going well. I've been busy filling quite a few custom orders, but I had a little time today to work on some new books for my shop. Having fun with some new colour combinations and variations on closures. Here they be:


  1. Lovely -- the second one down is so ... western!

  2. Thanks Marguerite! :)
    Yes, it does have a western look doesn't it.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love the hot pink stitching and hot pink closure.

  4. Thanks so much! :)
    Having fun experimenting!

  5. I love your closures. When I get my new workshop going I'll be able to find and sort all the potential closures I've been buying and then misplacing. The thought of having a dedicated workshop - instead of working in almost every room in my house - has me filled with anticipation. I'm just excited to be at a borrowed computer with time to catch up on my favourite blogs.