finally an update...sorry folks!

I thought I'd post a quick update as many have been asking where I've been, and it's true that this blog has been somewhat 'subdued' recently.

It's been difficult to focus on my work very much lately. Serious family health issues have been taking center stage lately. My dear Mom has been struggling with her cancer, and my dear Dad was recently admitted to the hospital in the city, for open heart surgery. It's still touch and go in many ways, but he is recouping. The family has rallied together as it always does. We'll make it through this.

Once things are back to 'semi-normal', and I've recharged a bit...I'm looking forward to getting back into my binding with a renewed vigor. I've got some new ideas that I haven't yet realized, and I'm itching to try them.

Stay tuned folks. :) Thanks for checking in with me!


  1. hi bev, i'm so sorry to hear of your parents' health issues - they, and you, are in my prayers...
    blessings xxx

  2. Thanks so much Claire. He's on the road to recovery. So nice to have him home. :)