Happy World Book Day!

Somehow it's March. March! It just crept up on me, instead of marching in. Spring is supposed to be just around the corner; but just as our snow had melted, we have a new fresh fall today.

And today also happens to be World Book Day (in the UK, that is) and I thought why not celebrate it today, and again when Canada celebrates it in April? A celebration of books and the beautiful gift of reading deserves more than one day, after all!

Do you have a favorite treasured book? One that you keep going back to, like comfort food? I'd have to say that mine would be this old worn copy of Anne of Green Gables. It is from the early 1930's; I remember purchasing it at a quaint used bookstore as a teenager. It's in pretty rough shape, I still love reading from it. I can almost imagine Anne herself with a book like this one. It has always reminded me of my love of cuddling up in bed as a little girl and reading of the Anne-girl's adventures. :)

It seems appropriate that I should now find myself making books of my own. I wouldn't want it any other way! It’s been busy inside the house, though, despite the blustery weather. I have been busy binding and I thought I’d share some books that I've recently finished...

Cheshire Cat Journal To celebrate the release of the new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, I thought I would create a Cheshire Cat-themed journal. This special edition journal is made with velvety dark brown sheepskin suede with smooth leather grain inside. The suede cover is embellished with hand-drawn black stripes in permanent ink – I think the Cheshire Cat would give his wide smile of approval! The above quote captions a colourful illustration by Sir John Tenniel, 19th century English illustrator and one of the original illustrators for Lewis Carroll's beloved Alice In Wonderland.

Candy Apple Red with Mother-of-Pearl shell shard
A la paperie & cozy original! I wanted to incorporate the delicacy of the organic shell with the rugged beauty of leather, and this unique design I've come up with is the result. The leather is a delicious "candy apple" red cowhide - truly mouth-watering - with a semi-glossy finish. It has a wrap around flap. The book is kept securely closed with a lovely natural coloured mother-of-pearl shell peg (securely sewn through holes in the peg), tucked into a leather loop on the cover flap — a truly beautiful, yet sturdy, closure that is really eye-catching!

Wordsworth in olive I can almost imagine Wordsworth himself writing in a journal much like this one. The first page of the journal has a portrait of the William Wordsworth himself, captioned with the above quote. The leather cover is made with a dark olive cowhide (the colour calls to mind roasted artichoke), with the raw edge of the hide on the cover. The cover of the journal is kept closed with a handy elastic and button closure, with a black elastic that catches on to a funky olive button in the front.

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