Busy bee

Spring is finally here, after a long winter. It’s a joy to see the flowers blooming, hear the birds singing and the bees buzzing.

Things have been very busy at La Paperie & Cozy, and not only binding has been going on. I have recently listed a few other things in my shop, including necklace pendants and wallets. A little odd for a bookbinding shop, you may say, but let’s just say these little ditties put the “cozy” in La Paperie & Cozy. ;)

Here are the cameo pendants currently listed in my shop. After making some for myself, and giving some as gifts, I was left with a few more. So they are in my shop until they’re all gone.

I’m also offering hand-stitched leather wallets in my shop. An on-going quandary for me has been what to do with all my leather remnants…because I have plenty! There are some pieces that are just too large to throw away, and too small to make into books. So my first bi-fold wallet was born yesterday, quickly followed by its brother! The two of them actually took me a full day to make. So they are labour intensive, as each one is completely hand-stitched and the holes hand-punched, but I love being able to use up my leather pieces! Waste not, want not. I'll probably be listing a couple on my shop soon. I will only be using my really good sturdy leather remnants. I probably won't offer wallets often, or make them customizable (what-I-list-is-what-you-get kind of thing) since they aren't my shop's main feature, but I can offer free monogramming with every wallet.

You can see more photos of the wallets, here.

And yes, there has been a lot of binding going on too! :) I’ve added a few new styles and quotes to my journals. Be sure to check them out in my shop.

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