Autumn is here!

Colourful crunchy leaves are underfoot. A faint whiff of chimney smoke drifts by in the crisp, cool air. Rosy apple-cheeked children snuggle into their coats to keep warm as they watch geese flying south overhead. It's a time for spiced apple cider and warm pumpkin pie. Warm woolen pea coats, cozy scarves and toasty mittens find their way out of storage boxes.

Yes indeed... Autumn is definitely here! Admittedly, this is my favourite time of year and I look forward to it with much anticipation. As the days grow shorter, my internal "idea bank" grow larger. This is my busiest time of year, and my brain seems to come alive with many a new concept for my shop.

This month saw La Paperie & Cozy's collaboration with  talented potter/ceramist, Sandra Rosa, who hails from Setรบbal, Portugal. (Be sure to check out Sandra's shop, Azulado, on Etsy... her work is beautiful and unique.) This special line of journals I am introducing to my shop will be on-going and will incorporate Sandra's lovely ceramic cylinders and buttons. They add a stunning facet to the rugged, rustic vibe of my leather journals; though beautiful, they are also very durable and strong. 

I've also been adding end papers to a lot of my journals lately, in addition to quote pages. I've always felt that they add a special something to a book. I think you will agree...

Enjoy your autumn everyone! :)


  1. Your work is amazing!
    I love it!
    Its an honor for me see my ceramics with your journals!

  2. Fantastic combination! Congratulations!

  3. Wonderful ceramic detail to wonderful journal!)

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments! :)
    Sandra (azulado) really is a treat to work with!