getting ready for the craft show

I've been bookbinding my brains out to prepare for the upcoming 21st Annual Seaside Craft Show/Market (Sept. 19, 20) at the Seaside Recreation/Community Centre in Beach Meadows/Eagle Head.

It'll be my 4th year selling there. My stock of books is quite low, as I've not been binding much for a while, due to time and energy constraints. Time to increase the inventory a bit, so I can offer some unique books at the show!

Just a few of the new books I'll be offering...

... and for the door prize, an itsy bitsy journal. :)


  1. These are lovely! Do you create journals with lined paper by any chance? Is that a possible custom request?

    1. Thanks, dear girl. :) Actually I used to order the option to add lined pages when I was taking custom journals orders, but I no longer have time to do this, since I am busy with my other job. Now, I just offer the ready-made books, in my shop. I stick with the blank pages, as they can be utilized for both writing and drawing (demand is equal).