Rest In Peace li'l camera

After binding five books yesterday (yes, five!), I was eager to get them photographed to list them on my shop. Well, things were going well until the second photo. Our camera died.

I saw it coming. Symptoms of its untimely demise included blurry images riddled with lines and poor lighting. There were shadows where there weren't supposed to be any. Not to mention horrible focus of any kind. And then there was the frequent "change battery pack" warnings even though there were fresh batteries used. So it is not unexpected; just inconvenient. I must say our handy li'l Canon Powershot A60 served us well, over the past 5 years we've had it. It's definitely seen a lot of action and has traveled the world with us. Now it's time to move on...but we're staying "in the family".

Our next camera will be the Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital SLR . But alas, they just don't sell them around these parts, so to the city we must go (2 hours away). Hopefully we can get away soon; perhaps this Sunday if things go well. In the meantime I may borrow my folks' Sony digital point-and-shoot to tide me over.

Canon EOS Rebel XT Digital SLR

In any case, better photos are in the future... :D

UPDATE: Ordered it online! Should be here next week! Woohoo!!!


  1. Thank you so much - can't wait to finally take some half decent photos! :D

  2. Congrats! I got a canon S3 IS last summer and I love it! I had an old A80 that died last June. I hope you have lots of fun, do get lots fun lens. I've been playing with mine and I've been loving the macro lens and my uv filter.
    Best of luck with the new camera!

  3. Such fun, isn't it! :) I love taking photos with a good camera - makes it all the more enjoyable!

    Have fun with your cam too!

  4. OMG Jesper just got me the exact same camera for my birthday! I got it a few days ago! I haven't used it yet, I need to sit and figure it out but it's really really great! Happy picture takin'

  5. Congrats on your new cammie too, Katie! I know it's going to take a while to get used to and learn about, but it'll be worth it. :) Maybe we can give each other helpful tips...I know I'll need it! heh!

  6. Sorry to hear about the demise of your camera :(

    The new one sounds great, though. Hope you'll post some pics with your new camera.

  7. Thanks! Will do! :D