think outside the box

Kaija, over at Paperiaarre, has come up with a smashing little creative idea...decorate a matchbox a day! Give it new life as something special. Whether it be the box itself, or what it contains.

I love this idea because there is no limit except for your imagination (and the size of the box of course). With this workaday world, it's often times difficult to fit something creative into your routine. This is a nice way to do it.


  1. Oh, what a cool idea to do one a day! I decorated several matchboxes a year or so ago using various scrapbooking papers and thought it would be cool to write or print (in a tiny font) a special word or quotation or poem to put inside the box. The possibilities are endless! Your matchboxes are so sweet!

  2. Thanks so much Kim. And by the way, it's wonderful to hear from you. :)

    And if you ever post pictures of yours, please let me know - I'd LOVE to see them!!!!