an additional shop

There has been a slight change to my shop at La Paperie & of this weekend, I no longer will be selling my art along with my journals. I've decided to create a new Etsy shop for my art, along with some of my photography (which will follow in the near future).

The shop's name is Salt Water Shed, as I live close to the gorgeous rugged Atlantic Coast and I am constantly being inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds me.

I don't have much listed just yet, save for the prints that were already available on my La Paperie Cozy shop, but there is more to come. Feel free to take a jaunt over and take a peek. :)


  1. Very good to see you doing this. I always thought you should give your drawings and prints some space.

  2. Thanks so much. Yes, I think it's better to have a dedicate shop for a change. :)

  3. I think it's a great idea! I really like your prints and your new shops looks good. Good luck on your sales!

  4. Thanks so much Katie! :)
    I'm eager to get some of my photography rolling - just trying different printing methods to find what's best to use.

  5. Hey lady. Awesome new shop. Im off to fave it! :)

  6. Thanks so much, girlie! :) *hugs*

  7. Regarding your art in the "Victor Hugo Journal" all that is missing from the art is the wee strings and basket that Robert Parke Harrison used in the original photo called "Flying Lessons". I couldn't find any tribute to him in the description. The photo you used as a source made is on the cover of his book "The Archetect's Brother" and it was taken in the 1990's and published with his other photos in 2004.

    The only reason I mention this is that I recognized the subject immediatly from your drawing. It is a beautiful drawing yet when it is derivative from another artist's work - they should be acknowledged. Also, I too am an artist and you and I all deserve credit for our original work.

    Bless you and much success to you.

  8. Dear LJ,

    Thank you for pointing this out! In fact I have been searching for the name and title of that photo with no success. A friend of mine had seen the photo and clipped it out of something (perhaps a magazine, as it was somewhat glossy?) and given it to me to draw for an Illustation Friday challenge ("gravity"). Now that I know, I will most certainly give the photographer credit.

    With many thanks,