Putting the "cozy" back into La Paperie & Cozy

I am by no means a skilled knitter and have a difficult time following patterns. So my cowardice in following other people's patterns has enabled me to avoid anything I can't do, by coming up with my own pattern for these little cozies.

When I'm not binding journals, I like to keep my hands busy. So I've embarked on a little side venture of knitting simple ballet-flat style slippers.

They are just simple and basic, but also cute, practical and oh-so cozy and warm! I am thinking of offering them on my Etsy shop sometime soon, in various sizes and colors (and perhaps even some felted pairs), so keep your eyes peeled! I'm thinking of calling them "Les Cozy Toezies" - a terrific suggestion by my buddy, Scott Smith, along with a collaborative effort of other friends! I don't even know how much time I'm going to have, to make pairs for my shop, but we'll see. I'll probably only be able to list a pair or two, once in a blue moon. LOL!

The ribbon incorporated into the slipper is not only pretty but handy, as you can cinch the ribbon for a tighter fit around your foot. And voila! Pretty yet practical footwear for around the house!

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  1. Oh my! So cute!
    I live in slippers when I'm in the house, so I go through quite a few pair.
    Those are adorable. One of these days I'm going to have to learn to knit.

    Kimberly :-)

  2. Thanks Kimberly! :) I'm a slipper gal too...always have a pair around, and carry a pair in my purse as well (in case of "cold floor" emergency. hehe!) By the way I love your Etsy shop and have hearted it. Lovely work!

  3. Thanks Sharon! <3

  4. Those are quite cute!! I see so many great things that are knitted! I used to have a pair of handmade wooden knitting needles my Uncle made & gave me. I wish I knew where those were. =( He was the one who taught me how to knit, but that was ever so long ago. I am quite rusty now, and really don't remember much about it.
    Well good going on taking the plunge and making your own "Les Cozy Toezies". =))

  5. These look so cute. I am a hopeless knitter but I can see you have talent.

  6. My toesies need these cozies. thanks for showing me this, I'm trying to talk my daughter into making me some.