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It's funny... for the longest time I've avoided making soap due to the messy monotony of the process. I remember the last time I made it, which was back in 2009. I was busy with my bookbinding and loving it, and the soap (which I was also selling at the time) just seemed like a chore. The final product is fun and absolutely lovely, but getting there was horrendously boring and I hated it. So I just STOPPED making soap, even though I had some supplies left over.

Fast forward to today - well, actually 2 days ago. I made my first batches of soap in three years and I'm amazed to say that I enjoyed it. Perhaps it's due to my current state of mind. It's actually the methodical monotony that I've recently found soothing and somewhat therapeutic. Perhaps like puzzle-making - which I personal find soothing - it's a way for my mind to heal itself somewhat (still dealing with the loss of my Mom).

I made 5 small batches all together:

- Lavender & Oatmeal
- Juniper Berry & Clary Sage
- Sweet Orange with orange peel
- Coconut
- Honey Almond & Oatmeal

I'm planning two more batches, perhaps this weekend: Coconut Lime and Eucalyptus & Lemon with lemon rind. That will use up most of my supplies. Then I'll take a bit of a break from soap-making again... another 3 years? 3 weeks? Who knows. heh.

While I won't be getting back into selling soap (sorry, you soap lovers) - this will definitely restock our own personal supply and keep hubby and I smellin' okay for a while. :)

It was nice to switch gears for a little while and break out of the old routine for a bit.

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