another custom order

Things have been hoppin' here at La Paperie & Cozy bindery. I'm mailing out about six custom journals tomorrow to customers across the globe. It's hard to keep my own little shop filled with journals as they are quickly being diminished.

I recently finished a book for a customer in the US who wanted a wedding guestbook, which they'll also be using as a scrapbook. It was the first "bigger" book that I've made. Wow, it was a lot of work as the pages are heavier, and the size and weight makes it a bit awkward when stitching the binding. But it turned out really nice! I also like the tie being on the side, for a change - it gives it a more 'formal' look and also adds more support to the larger pages. It's going out tomorrow in the mail. I hope they'll like it!

Dimensions: 8"x8"x1.5"
50 lb. drawing paper handtorn, 320 pages
beautiful tan oilskin cowhide

I've also been busy helping a dear friend set up an etsy shop of her own. She makes lovely handmade jewelry. I just finished the banner and icon for her, and listed some of her work today (she currently doesn't have a computer). Please feel free to visit her shop and 'heart' her if you have an account on etsy: Effie's Creations. She currently works a break-neck schedule as a nurses aid, and we're hoping that she can cut down on her hours there, if her jewelry sells relatively well online. Her health isn't the greatest either, so it would really help her out if she could bring in a bit of income from Etsy. Please spread the word for her!


  1. It's nice to make big books every once in a while, isn't it? I'm sure you'll get hooked on making them too eventually. It's so different that it's always a little exciting.

    Your beautiful leathers make me drool. *must buy leather*

    I went and hearted her :)

  2. Thanks so much Kaija! :)
    Yes it was definitely a nice experience...I'm looking forward to making another big book - maybe for myself this time (I have yet to make a book for myself to keep. lol!)

  3. Your books are so beautiful. I love your friend's jewelry too. I marked her as a favorite. Effie was my great grandmother's name. I have never heard it anywhere else.

  4. Thanks so much Heather!

    Effie comes from the initials of my friend's middle name F.E. Everyone calls her that as her nickname - you're right, it's not a commonly heard name. Thanks for marking her as a fave...I know she'll appreciate it! :)