a 'lilliput' book

Well...not entirely a "mini" book, but mini compared to what I'm used to making, and definitely mini compared to the wedding album I made (shown in last post).

Last night I was going through some of my leather pieces and noticed that some were large enough to make mini journals. So I made one out of a lovely piece of that nutmeg oilskin cowhide that is my favourite. Its approx. 4"x3.75x0.75". It's adorable! Despite it's small size, it still boasts 240 unlined pages, if you count both sides of the page. I used hemp cord this time to stitch the binding, just to see what it would look like - it's actually very nice and sturdy, and I will definitely be using it again in my bindings...gives it a nice organic look. I've listed it on my esty shop.

I think I may make two of these mini books for myself -- one to keep in my purse, and another for the glove compartment of our car when I need to jot down my business-related mileage for income tax purposes. They can come in very handy! And they're CUTE! :D