mulled cider

My first attempt at swirling...came out pretty well. They smell yummy and they look good enough to eat. :) Click for larger view. I'll take photos of the lavender & oatmeal bars soon.



  1. You'll have to keep them away from children - they really DO look good enough to eat :D

  2. hehe, I know...I had to keep reminding myself not to lick the spoon. ;)

  3. My goodness. I was instantly salivating! I'd have to have a basket of cinnamon rolls next to the tub when I bathe with that stuff! Yumm-eee!

  4. And they keep their scent really well too. I've had a bar sitting out in the open at my place, just so I can keep smelling it all day (*grin*) - the scent hasn't diminished hardly at all, so far as I can tell. Still fabulous! Mmmm! :)

  5. Bev...

    ...after further reflection... I feel I must have a stern word with you...

    You *know* how hard I'm trying to be an uber-healthy eater now -if you don't count the triple chocolate explosion I had during our lunch the other day. ;-) -and here you are making swirlie-bars! Aaargh! What's a girl to do, short of flying to the store for Butterscotch Brownies, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Chocolate Carmel Cheesecake and Buttertart Bars??!

    Some support this is.. I mean (*hands on hips*) do you even *know* how long I've been oggling the second pic and wiping the drool off my chin?? -- Hmmph!

    (psst... count me in for 2 more bars..)

  6. So glad you're enjoying 'em April!! :)
    I've reserved two for ya on my shop; and I've sent you a quick email too.

  7. Hi Beverly. I am going to pass your blog on to my sister, who has recently started making soaps and is OBSESSED. Also, I was just reading your profile and we have several things in common: I also do bookbinding, am also a freelance writer, live with a very patient husband and used to have three cats, but sadly, we are down to one. And a dog.

    Keep making beautiful things!


  8. Thank you so much Sharon. So pleased to e-meet a kindred spirit. :)