with many thanks! :)

I want to thank all of you who were so kind to leave your feedback the other day. These were all such great ideas, you guys. Thanks so much for brain-storming with me!!

THE NAME ~ I really do like the name Cozy & Co. Savon. My only concern is that I'm quite sure a lot of folks around here won't know what "savon" means. Sad but true. But I'm not averse to explaining it to them, of course. We'll see. :) I'm quite partial to Cozy & Co. too, as opposed to Cozy County - which I feel has too much of a 'country' ring to it. I'd like to aim at a more "up-town" feel to the product.

PACKAGING ~ Hubby and I were brainstorming the other day and were thinking of the whole "sample" thing --displaying demo bars so people can actually see, touch and smell them (he was the one who actually suggested it, the good man - he's really getting into it), and then having the products that will sell, more securely packaged. Also, I will next have to come up with some sort of display, to show off the demos, and also to store the ones for sale.

I think the demos should have the cigar bands - best to let people see and smell the bars. With regards the soaps for sale, I'm still torn between the plastic wrapping (which is so cheap and easy), and the lovely looks of the Kraft Box with cut-out. I've been looking online for some good photos to show you of the shrink wrap with soaps, but couldn't find a clear enough shot. In general, they don't look too bad, actually. I think perhaps I came across only some bad examples, and that was why I wasn't too impressed. Personally my favorite is the corrugated kraft pillow boxes, but I've heard they're very difficult to store, because they lack a straight edge.

April raised a valid point about the label being stored inside the plastic wrap - once the soap cures there should be little to no left over oils atop the soaps. But I agree, there is nothing worse than a blotchy business card! I know some who glue their cards outside of the plastic wrapping - that may be an option. I like your idea of those glue strips (resealable adhesive). I'll have to look for that...again, cost will factor in.

Well gals, you've really given me a lot to think about. If you come up with any more ideas or thoughts, please let me know. :)

PS: Made two batches of soap yesterday afternoon -- lavender & oatmeal, and another batch of the ever-popular mulled cider (with swirls!).

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