new journal

Here is my first attempt at bookbinding with longstitch through a slotted cover...which really isn't a good name for it because I didn't slit the cover, but used holes instead (lends a much neater look). It opens flat and measures 5½" x 4¼" with 160 pages (or 320 with both sides used) of 50lb. parchment-style paper.


The book's binding is completely hand-stitched with no paste or glue used at all. The binding is really sturdy. The leather is a nice saddle brown, soft yet hearty. And it smells great!

I really love these little books, and plan to make more when I have the time - they'll be available on my etsy shop.


  1. Cool. :-)

    ...Y'know, I was kinda thinkin'... it looks a bit like a purse when it's all closed up. ~Me likey. ;-)

  2. Thanks girl. :) Glad ya like!

  3. How neat, Bev!
    It just longs to be filled with words and sketches ... :)

  4. Thanks Bee. :) I'm excited to start making these...given my love for journalling in general!!!

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