"can I eat it?"

“…but it smells so good!”

So some of my newest customers have said.

They do smell uber yummy - the coconut and the mulled cider are especially mouth-watering. As is my latest scent combo…mango macadamia nut. It even *sounds* good, so just imagine how it smells!!

I finished up printing some business cards. They turned out pretty good.

My brother-in-law suggested a cool idea --> using an empty beer bottle for a soap mold. The idea would be to pour the soap into the bottle, and once it hardened, crack open the bottle. Then voila! Soap in the shape of a beer bottle! I must admit, the idea was pretty cool, and I just might have to try it. I'd call it "bar o' beer", and scent it with a 'manly' scent of course. I could even use beer as my soap base (many have done it with good results). Of course it wouldn't smell of beer, but just knowing the soap was made from their favorite drink may beckon some gents my way. ;) Not to mention they'd make funny gifts!


  1. Beer is good for your hair, so it wouldn't be a stretch to use it in your product.

    If you had someone slice a beer bottle in half, then no smashing would be necessary, you would have 2 re-usable moulds, and the finished product would be more about the size of a typical bar of soap (easy to handle) while still maintaining the shape and profile of a bottle of beer.

    Also, soap on a rope is still popular with the sporting set.

  2. Yes, beer is great for the hair!
    A lot of soapers use it as their base in soap (they just replace the water with beer - no problem). So it would be neat to try it.

    True, but then you'd only have a 'half-bottle' of beer. I suppose if you looked at it front-wise you wouldn't know any different. I may try both.