Welcome to la paperie & cozy

Welcome to ♥ la paperie & cozy ♥ ~ my home of handbound journals, handmade soap, art, and cozy what-not. This is a little blog for me to write about my adventures in all of the above crafts, but namely bookbinding!

Being an avid reader and writer, bookbinding has always intrigued me. I've recently embarked on learning as much as possible to make my own handbound blank books for myself, for my friends, and for sale/commission on Etsy (and perhaps Ebay later on). I have already made a couple blank books that I'm pleased with and I'm eager to try new and improved techniques to create even more unique handbound books.

I have also been making soap - using the cold process method. (Who doesn't like a chubby bar of aromatic handmade soap!?) Where I may mention a little here about my soap-making efforts, for more detailed "soap stories" please refer to my soap-making blog: The Soap Chronicles which I will update after every new batch. 

Art is also a passion of mine, including painting and drawing in various mediums. I will also make mention of any projects that include these as well.

All in all, la paperie & cozy will be an artistic outlet. Feel free to join me! I would love the company.


  1. *sighs* mmm... autumn in a soap... heavenly. OOhh, if you ate the soap you could burp bubbles. I'm going to stop rambling now, just the thought of that soap is making me loopy :)

  2. Nice to see you here. Yes, the scent is mega yummy. Makes me want to curl up by the fire and read a good book. :)

  3. Hi Bev, I just love the fact that your making a natural product. As you know I have so many allergies, so this is great. I'm always looking for products,that are safe and user friendly. I will be ordering soaps and telling folks about you.As you know word of mouth is your best advertising. Now if I can figure out how to order products. Computer handicap lol lol. ps. nice to see you yesterday. Chris:

  4. Thanks so much Chris!
    What's your email address?