my new etsy shop

Alrighty folks! I should let you know that I’ve opened my own little online shop on to sell my handmade soap, art, and my handbound blank books (when I get some done). I’ve named it La Paperie & Cozy - not only will it be 'paperie' items like journals and other blank books, but also other 'cozy' items like my handmade soap and art. The shop is currently empty, but it won't be for long. Not only will I be selling online, but also from home in my town - in craft shops, to friends/family and craft shows when possible. My aim is to make this into my main line of work, and I'm really looking forward to it.

This blog will talk about items I am working on at the time. Feel free to bookmark both and check back for items added.

My soaps will be, for the most part, vegan-friendly. For those of you who are allergy prone to scents, you can request a fragrance-free bar, or an essential oils-only bar (all-natural with no synthetic fragrance). I will use the occassional fragrance oil for "sweet cake" bars, such as food-scented soaps.

And now, a question, actually... I'd like to survey what type of scents you all like in your soaps. What are your favourites? Are there scents in a soap that make you not want to leave the shower? ;)

I'd like to get a good cross-section of preferences, so I know what types of soap I should start making for the majority. For example, a lot of people like the fresh, fruity aromas (grapefruit, orange, cucumber, berries, etc.), while others prefer more herbal-based scents (lavender, rosemary, sage, etc.), while others enjoy food-type aromas (banana nut bread, mulled cider, mocha vanilla, etc.). There are also misc-type smells (fresh cut grass, clean cotton, first snow, etc.) List as many that prefer, in a comment here.


  1. I love the smells of lemon grass, Hawaiian kukui nut oil, and white lotus. :)

  2. Awesome...thanks Sharon. :)

  3. I love the scent of citrus. esp. orange, like lemon too.

  4. Hi Chris! :) Thanks for your feedback!