they like me...they really like me!

Wow, things are going so well on the soapy side of things. A lot better than I'd hoped. My "li'l chub" bars are flying off the curing racks faster than I can replace them! My mulled cider is almost gone - only one bar left!

Although my online shop hasn't seen a lot of business yet, most of my sales are in person, via the ever almighty WORD OF MOUTH. I guess that inevitable in a little town. People are becoming familiar with what I'm doing, and I'm so glad they like my soap. It really is a joy to make and to use. I put a lot of time and care into each batch, and I'm glad that doesn't go unnoticed. :)

I'm thinking of leaving my correspondence teaching job. I would like to spend more time making more soap, as well as working on my bookbinding. I've been itching to start making more books, but time just hasn't allowed me to just yet. I have a feeling by the new year, I will leave my teaching job completely, in favor of these new loves...soap and handbound blank books. Not to mention, more time to work on art for my etsy store too. I've already gotten a few custom orders for all of these items, and I'd love to spend more time on those, than in teaching. While I do enjoy some aspects of my teaching job (mainly the students) --- I have to make a choice.


  1. I'm glad everything goes so smooth with your soap shop. Maybe it's better to have personal clients. It creates a bound you can't have online.
    Talking about the beer-soap, made me think, maybe you should make a soap with your own logo. It's just an idea.
    Difficult choise, certainty or adventure. Well, here they say :
    '"t leven is aan de durfers" (life is to those who dare)

  2. So far so's not big business yet, but then again, I don't want it to be. I like it small and intimate. :)

    The logo on the soaps idea is something I'm working on. Soap stamps aren't cheap, but they are a nice way of personalizing my bars. I may do that later on when I start selling in stores around this area. Gives them a bit more of a professional look.

  3. Does it have to be a soap stamp, or could you do the logo w/ some kind of a mold, since you pour the soap and then let it harden before cutting it? I wonder which would be more productive, time-wise? (Might take a little longer to make a mold or two, but more efficient in the long run? I dunno.. Just a thought...)

  4. I get were you're comin' from girlie. But getting a mold with a label embed is quite pricey. The stamp is much cheaper, and doesn't take very long.