two more today!

Since I had today off work, I made two more batches. The kitchen smells amazing!

~ COCONUT: Straight from the tropics! Smelling like sweetened a piƱa colada - all it needs is a little drink umbrella! Made with generous amounts of cocoa butter for extra luxurious moisturizing properties.

~ SWEET ORANGE & RED MANDARIN: Everyone loves that sweet, fresh-fruity aroma of freshly peeled orange and mandarin - revitalizing and warm just like sunshine! Natural essential oils. Shea butter for added skin conditioning. (This soap is vegan friendly)

These two batches turned out the best yet! I'm so pleased with them. I think I've come up with my two "dream recipes" that I will stick to, for the rest of my batches. One recipe is vegan-friendly, the other utilizes a tiny bit of beeswax which is considered non-vegan friendly.

If any of you are familiar with cold-process soap-making, I prevented these two batches from reaching the gelling stage by popping them in the fridge for about an hour. As a result, they remained an opaque ivory colour and are utterly bursting with creamy lather - just what I was aiming for! They're luxiously conditioning and sudsy. And their scents? They're both utterly mouth-watering!

I'm in the process of ordering some proper soap molds from TOG Soap Molds (he's got some great handmade stuff!) for a more 'finished' look to the bars.


I must say I'm excited about all this. I've already got quite a few orders coming in already. Weeee! And the best part is, this is so much fun! I'll never buy store-bought soap again!

Photos of new soaps to follow soonish...