catcher in the lye

I loathe buying lye. Really I do.

The only lye you can get around here is at Home Hardware in 3 kg jars --- it's huge. A lot of stores have stopped selling it in pure form due to the fact it's the main chemical components used in making methamphetamines.

Without fail, I always get this sideways glance when I'm carting this huge jar of lye around. I'm making soap with it, people...really!



  1. We have made our own lye before by leaching it from the ashes of wood. We used pine straw as the top filter and the lye came out a dark rich brown. So we think it must have leached the pine oils from the straw. Thereby probably making it better for making pine tar soap than anything else. It was a whole lot fun making it though!

    I hate how lye has very nearly vanished from the common marketplace ~ as if those who use it for that illegal purpose will not get it some other way - please. Instead they make the soap makers suffer.

  2. Isn't it a shame, Jess? Really too bad. :(

    That's so cool about you making your own lye! WOW!