don't worry, be happy

I received some concerned emails from folks thinking I'm stopping my soapmaking in favour of my bookbinding. Rest assured this isn't the case. So don't worry, be happy. :) I'll still be making and selling my soaps, but just not on the same scale as before. La Paperie & Cozy's sudsy goodness is still alive n' kickin'. heh!

NEW SOAPS ON THE CURING RACK --> Made Last Week: Available Soon!
~ Lavender Oatmeal
~ White Tea & Ginger (with calendula petals)
~ Coconut Dream
~ Fresh Cut Cucumber
~ Citrus Burst Goat Milk Soap

It's truly unfortunate that one cannot send "smell vibes" over the net, because these all smell absolutely delish!

In other less soapy news, I've been working on some new stitches for journals and making some new books. I just completed a new one today, using a link/longstitch that I really love:


Besides keeping my Etsy shop stocked, I need to work on some books to send out west to the boutique in Vancouver, BC. I've got a few custom projects to finish as well as making a book for the next B.E.S.T. Book Swap. The deadline is quickly approaching, and February promises to be a busy month, so I "best" get busy!

Also, new company website at


  1. Wow, those new soaps sound amazing! I just may have to treat myself. ;)

    Love the company website -- it looks great.

  2. Thanks dearest Bee. *hugs* ;)

  3. Somehow my comment on this post was posted on "binding my brains out..."

    Anyway, just wanted to say I love that stitch!

  4. Thanks Sharon...I really like it - has a true medieval feel to it. :)