exciting news, book thongs and magnets

I'm so excited! In addition to the boutique where I'll be selling my books wholesale in Halifax, I've just been asked by another boutique in Vancouver, British Columbia if I'd like to sell my books in their shop on a consignment basis. I'm thrilled! The Velvet Room Boutique exclusively supports Canadian designs, and small manufactured unique product lines. It's located in the high-end shopping district of Kerrisdale. Lots of traffic! I'll be taking my books to Love, Me on Saturday, and will be busy preparing for this new order to send to Vancouver. Busy times ahead!

In addition to ripping some paper for some more journals, I also worked on a few small fun little projects today...one for myself, and the other for my Etsy shop.
For moi? Sets of bubble magnets with my favourite theme -- Pride & Prejudice, of course! I've been wanting to make these for a loooong time, and I finally got the supplies the other day. Now I can greet Darcy and Lizzy as I go get the milk from the fridge in the morning. ;) It's nearly impossible to capture them clearly, due to the reflection off the glass - they're not blurry in real life. I just love 'em!


And for my Etsy shop, I made some book thongs (trust me, they're the only thongs I'm interested in!) with some lovely glass beads I had. These are practical yet pretty little bookmarks, with lovely little beads/jewels hanging out on each end of the book to save your place. I use them all the time, and they are fun to make.


  1. congrats!! that's so awesome about the new store interested in your books! :D hurray! your themed books are so fun (and leather...YAY). i saw the jane austen book club on the plane the other day and thought of your books!

  2. Hiya, Just wanted to let you know that the Atlantic Provinces Street Team has two treasuries up at the moment. Pop over to the web site
    http://etsyatlantic.blogspot.com/ for the links and click,click, click. If you know how to do a screen capture, it would be great if you could post them on our site,
    Cheers, Shelagh

  3. Well hello. This is definitely an interesting turn of events. Congrats on success, though I'm sure I don't fully understand said success. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Javann, thanks for dropping in!
    Since we last talked (must be at least a year at least!), I've started bookbinding leatherbound journals by hand. It's my journals that are going to the store. Just to bring you up to date. ;)