new packaging & paperie goodness

Yay for packaging solutions! I revised my logo a bit, and created some new cigar bands which I will use for most of my soap sales (online orders or those I sell from home). I really like them! And they're cheap/quick to make. For store sales, I will be using kraft boxes with samples in the cigar bands.

Also the name of all my products, including the soap, will be under the name La Paperie & Cozy. This is because right now I am only able to officially register one business name. Maybe later I will register Cozy&Co Soaps...but for now, this will do. ;)

Here's some piccies of the new soaps with the new packaging (click for larger view):

Meanwhile at the paperie.... I've been hard at work with my journals. I've recently commissioned a new customized rubber stamp by the talented Farrah of Sweet Papery: Custom Stamps on Etsy, for labeling the back page of all of my journals before I ship them out. I also got some beautiful new leather in, which will make some pretty gorgeous journals; as well as some new bookbinding thread from Quiet Fire Designs which should last me for a good while.


  1. Everything looks wonderful, Bev! I am going ot get some soap, it's driving me insane!

  2. Thanks for your order Sharon! I'll send your soap out on my next trip to the Post Office (Thursday).

  3. I cannot wait! I'll be sure and pass along the scent (only *mwah-ha!*) to friends and fam here in 'brakkie so they'll know about your soaperie magic.
    I also have a brainstorm but want to run it by you first at some point. I am swamped but I'll try to email you before the week is out.

    Hip hip hurray for soapy goodness!

  4. They look GREAT, Bev! I just love the packaging, so much.

  5. Thank so much dear Bee. :)